You Might Be Causing Home Carpet Beetles for These Reasons

You Might Be Causing Home Carpet Beetles for These Reasons

Carpet beetles are small, oval-shaped insects that feed on pollen and nectar for their upbringing but can survive by breeding outdoors. While they seem like an indoors kind of pest, the ways of attracting them might shock you:


  • They might get stuck to your ride and come inside your home through cracks in doors, windows, plumbing entrances and even electrical outlets. 


  • They are attracted to light and have been known to enter from chimneys and vents.


  • Carpet beetle larvae feed on fibres containing keratin, the same material that human skin is made of, so they feed on carpets, linen and other household items.


These pesky buggers tend to cause significant damage to home carpets and furniture. Adult carpet beetles are small and can be either black or brown. The larvae are (surprisingly) larger and usually have long hairs on their body; they eat fibres containing keratin, the same material that human skin is made of, so they feed on those found on carpets, linen and other household items.


First, you should check for a home carpet beetle infestation by looking for shed skin flakes or fecal pellets. If you notice any of these in the house, you will know carpet beetles are present. If you see a carpet beetle, try prodding it with a finger. They tend to fake being dead, so it’s best to step on or squish them.


Where They Hide


Now we know where they come from and what attracts them, let’s learn about their hiding places.


Unlike the name, these beetles don’t live on your home carpets. That area is merely their feeding ground! They tend toward dark places, like under flower pots, dog food packs, and other hidden sites. 


How You Can Cause Them


It’s a sobering reality when we end up causing the pest infestation, isn’t it? Here are some ways homeowners bring home carpet beetles:


  • Not cleaning carpet and rug fibres: These insects are unfamiliar with fabric places as primary residences and tend to stay in dark spots instead. They only gravitate towards fabrics if there is dead human skin. Therefore, if these fibres are not cleaned immediately, an infestation is not far behind.


  • Carpet beetles also thrive in dirty habitats. Thus, if your air vents are not cleared once a month, it will cause an infestation. 
  • Another place that allows for carpet beetle infestation is if you store animal-based products improperly. These products should be stored in airtight containers to avoid this infestation and remove these products' scents. Dry cleaning is an effective method for cleaning these items. However, if these products are washed in hot water, they can be used. 


  • Since they love the dark, keeping artificial and natural light sources turned off at night attracts carpet beetles to your home like bees to honey. To prevent infestation, you must open your windows and curtains during the daytime and the light switch on at night, especially if it’s an unused room. Leave a night light on instead to save up on your electricity bill!


Clean Your Home Carpets Professionally

Sometimes, the most basic step is also the most effective. Keeping away carpet beetles is as simple as cleaning your house regularly—sweeping them of dust, dead skin, and other components that invite them in. Contact Global Carpets today if you’d like a new home carpet and professional tips on how to care for them. Check out our online collection today!