Tips on Cleaning Your Carpet to Prepare for the Holidays

Tips on Cleaning Your Carpet to Prepare for the Holidays

It’s expected that there will be a lot of laughter and fun at gatherings during the holiday season. Another thing you can be sure of is an abundance of food and drink during the festivities!

 However, as any host or homeowner will know, all of the foot traffic, spills, and droplets can leave carpets looking a little worse for wear. To prepare for the mess that comes with the holidays, here are some basic tips on how to keep your home carpet in tip-top shape for a season that’s merry and bright.

Necessities for Your Carpet

The first thing any homeowner should know about cleaning carpets themselves is to avoid over-the-counter cleaning products. These often leave a soapy residue that is a magnet for even more dust and dander, leaving your carpet with more to clean up than before.

 You can gather homemade cleaning supplies that are far more effective than soapy, store-bought cleaners. By having these on hand, you’ll be prepared for any spills and cleanups required for your decorative area rugs during your holiday get-togethers:

Spray bottle
Cotton towels
Dish soap
White vinegar
White wine

Removal of Different Stains

Stain removal will require a slightly different approach depending on the stain spilled on your dining room rug or your living room carpet. Here are some of the more common stains that you might encounter and how to effectively treat them before they leave permanent discoloration:

 1. Gravy

 Whichever holiday your family and friends are celebrating, there is bound to be some sort of gravy present on the menu. Such sauces are prone to dripping because they’re often scooped up with teaspoons and transferred onto a plate. If your dining room has a rug or a carpeted floor, then there’s a high chance that someone will end up spilling some gravy on it.

 In case of a gravy spill, the first thing to do is remove as much of it as possible from the carpet with a spoon or any other scooping tool. Using your cornstarch, sprinkle it over the affected area to soak up the excess gravy and grease. Vacuum this after letting it sit for fifteen minutes and repeat as necessary to get most of the moisture out of the carpet.

 Clean the remaining residue with a mixture of half parts vinegar and half parts water, spraying it on the spill with your spray bottle. Your cotton towel will come in handy here to soak up both the vinegar and the broken-down remains of the gravy. Repeat this process two to three times.

 2. Condiment Stains

 Everybody’s sure to go the extra mile when serving up their dishes this holiday season, so a good selection of condiments is to be expected. Unfortunately, it also means stains from pasta sauces, ketchup, and other tomato-based condiments. After wiping most of it off your rug, take the soap or some dishwashing liquid and dab the affected area, rinsing it out with the white vinegar and water mixture you have.

 Other causes of stains like mustard, coffee, and tea can be solved with a simple white vinegar spray and a cool-water rinse.

 3. Red Wine

 Before you rush out to a carpet store near you to get a replacement, know that it is possible to clean the dreaded red wine stain out of a carpet or rug.

 White wine is the solution for a red wine spill. Splash a bit of this on the stain to neutralize it, and then place a clean cotton towel over it, applying pressure to let the stain absorb. Spritz some more white wine onto the stain and repeat the process several times until most (if not all) of it lifts out of the carpet.


 While a red wine stain might stress you out, there’s no reason to let it ruin your holiday spirit with these practical tips. By using the tools and ingredients you already have in your home, you’ll be equipped with a pretty effective stain remover for your carpets and rugs. The key is to address the spills as soon as they happen to prevent them from becoming permanent. Cheers to a festive, stain-free holiday season!

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