Some Rug Care Tips Your Home Needs Right Now

Some Rug Care Tips Your Home Needs Right Now

We all need tips when it comes to our home carpets. After all, home maintenance is an ever-growing and ever-evolving task. Now that we’re changing seasons, you’re likely desperate for a bit of change.

From first-time homeowners to seasonal homemakers, we all could use a little help. Here are some rug care tips your home needs right now:

Tip: Use an Ice Cube To Remove Carpet Indentations

Sometimes, you only notice carpet indentations when you move your furniture around. When you discover an indentation or two, quickly melt an ice cube directly on it. After it has dissolved, gently brush the carpet fibres to revitalize them.

Once the carpet has dried, vacuum the specific area. This step easily removes unsightly wrinkles from your rug or carpet. Additionally, when moving furniture, avoid dragging it across the carpet as this may damage the material.

Tip: Use Your Rug to Avoid Fading of Wood Colour

You might be surprised to learn that your hardwood flooring changes colour. The hues of natural wood flooring change due to direct sunshine, UV radiation, traffic, and air pollution. Although it does occur in all-natural woods, darker woods do not change colour as often as lighter woods. Indeed, the "wood" look of laminate flooring is really an image of wood overlaid on pressed fiberboard.

By restricting light and air, area rugs on top of hardwood may function as a "protector" for the wood. The colour of the wood around the rug has changed over time, but when the rug is removed, the wood returns to its original colour. To avoid colour alteration, reverse the orientation of your rug.

If you’re thinking of travelling for a lengthy period, uninstall your area rug or carpet to avoid wood colour discoloration. Then, keep the rug rolled up and the curtains or drapes open. This allows light and air to permeate the wood, resulting in less colour change. As a consequence, whether you alter or remove your area rug, your hardwood retains a more uniform colour.

Tip: Prevent the Formation of Traffic Patterns On Your Rug

We take the quickest, most direct route between locations A and B, usually down the corridor's center. As a result, certain sections of our carpet or rug wear out faster than others.

This can be reduced by turning area rugs 180 degrees every six months, much like how you do it with your mattress. Rotating your rug evenly distributes wear and tear, as well as eliminates the impression of foot tracks.

Tip: Purchase Additional Stair Carpet

Because staircases receive the most activity, stair carpets age faster and need replacement more frequently than other sections of your home. In five or ten years, the same carpet may not be available to match the rest of the spaces. For this reason, you must place your order right now and have an additional one or two “in stock” in your home.

Purchase twice as much carpet as you need for your stairs and store it in a dark, dry place. Because staircases require so little carpeting, the extra cost is little and will save you money in the long run by eliminating the need to replace all of your carpeting.


Investing in home carpets also means you should be willing to give them ample care and maintenance. This will require servicing, deep cleaning, and attentiveness to detail. Keep these tips in mind if you want to constantly keep your rugs and carpets looking brand new. As you conduct these tasks, your living quality in your own home will, in turn, also increase its value.

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