Luxury Vinyl Flooring -  Why You Should Have It in Your House

Luxury Vinyl Flooring - Why You Should Have It in Your House

Are genuine hardwood floors not an option for your home’s carpet flooring? You should get luxury vinyl floors (LVF) instead! Why? Here are some reasons you should consider having it in your house!

They’re Made from Multiple Layers

LVF’s surfaces are made from high-quality wood, stone, or tile replicas. It is also topped with a transparent, protective coating with inherent stain and scratch resistance, making LVF robust and waterproof, yet soft to walk on!

They’re Waterproof

The materials LVF are made from are 100 percent waterproof. They can bear water immersion, are quickly dried, and reused without causing any damage to the surface or structure. Because of these characteristics, LVF is ideal for bathroom or basement flooring or other areas where water is almost always present.

They’re Easy to Clean

LVF’s waterproof properties make them excellent for cleaning jobs! You can give it good, strong scrubs without worrying about scratching the surface or ruining the material. Just sweep with a dry broom and soak with a mop or damp cloth and add a freshener for a good smell. No need for special treatments or cures!

They Can Be Used Anywhere

LVF is not just for home areas where water is abundant. It is a highly versatile material that can be installed everywhere else in your home for flooring. Since it is durable, LVF can withstand high foot traffic in busy areas such as hallways, bedrooms, and living rooms. It can also be used as underfloor heating in studios, conservatories, or other places where the temperature is always changing.

They Are Affordable

Perhaps the most attractive feature of LVF is its cost-friendliness. Natural wood and stone floors cost hundreds of dollars just for a small patch! For LVF, it starts as low as $6 per square foot! When comparing the two, it’s easy to see the latter option is a more affordable carpet flooring option than natural wood or stone.

As we’ll examine later, you don’t need to hire a skilled contractor or tradesperson to install your LVF flooring. You can do it yourself and cut down on installation costs!

They Are Comfortable

One con about real natural or stone flooring is that it could potentially damage your feet and body if you suffer any untoward accidents. Slipping on a stone floor could result in concussions or broken bones, while wood could cause splinters in unwanted areas. Prolonged standing on hard surfaces could also strain your joints.

LVF does away with these problems since they are soft to the feet and smooth on the surface. They are comfortable and can bear high foot traffic without breaking under pressure.

They’re Convenient to Install

Unlike regular floors and tiles that require experts to measure and install them, LVF is DIY-friendly! Depending on where you order, they come in three installation types:

  • Click-and-lock: Allows users to piece them together like puzzle pieces on the floor.
  • Peel-and-stick: This is the most user-friendly since homeowners just have to peel and stick. This is the easiest to work with
  • Glue-down planks: Like peel-and-stick, each plank or strip sometimes requires a separate adhesive and is more challenging to take out than their peel-and-stick counterparts.

Please remember to measure the floor area and angles in any installation type to maximize all LVF strips.

They’re Earth-Friendly

LVFs are not taken from natural materials like wood or stone, preserving our natural resources and rendering LVFs the more earth-friendly option.

The Final Plank

LVFs empower homeowners to acquire luxurious-looking floor designs without high costs of maintenance. They are highly affordable, durable, and earth-friendly, too, while keeping your family and guests safe from the dangers of hard surfaces. If these are some of your considerations when choosing or re-flooring your house, LVF is the way to go.

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