How Carpets Can Transform Your Small Space to Look Bigger

How Carpets Can Transform Your Small Space to Look Bigger

Let's face it. As much as we love our homes, we all have that one room we wish was bigger even by just a little. Usually, it's an office or an extra bedroom that's just been sitting there since you're unsure of what to do with it. The room can't be made bigger physically and as it is, you have considerably lessened the furniture you've kept in it. However, the end feeling is still that it is cramped.

The secret lies in the flooring, as long as it's the correct one. It can make all the difference in shifting the perception of a room's size; this gives it a more airy feel and larger look than its actual state. It also helps to brighten the room right up.

Here are several ways to transform your small space to look bigger by using carpets:

1. Install a Wall-to-Wall Carpet

The most commonly used carpet to fully carpet a room comes in rolls that are 12-foot-wide, called Broadloom. When every square foot of a room has carpet installed, a sense of continuity is created, which stretches from one side of the room to the other without any interruption.

Smaller tiles, rugs, or wooden floors, including area rugs that are big but don't quite fill the room, provide a lot of visual stop-and-starts for the eye in contrast. This makes the floor busier than it has to be on a whole, giving off a cluttered feel even if the room decor is neat. While wooden floors are excellent at letting big rooms feel warm and cozy, it does not work the other way around.

2. Choose the Appropriate Colours

By default, darker colours end up giving a room a smaller, warmer feel. So bigger bedrooms, living rooms, or basements that seem cavernous and pretty empty will benefit from patterned or darker carpet flooring.

To achieve the opposite, the other end of the colour spectrum is far more appropriate. Light earth tones such as beige and taupe, along with a slew of other colours on the much lighter end, will help make a smooth expanse on the floor. This means the eye won't be distracted, and the entire space will have a more open, brighter feel. 

Scale colours in a way that is appropriate for the room. Got a red theme in your small bedroom? Instead of going with something darker, look into using a lighter reddish-brown, which can serve to enhance the existing colour scheme.

3. Work With Textures

Using textured carpet is also an option, though you should keep it on a more subtle note. Skip the deep frieze and geometric patterns, going instead for Berber flecks or cut-and-pile textures. Make sure that you're scaling the colours and patterns for just how much of the carpet will be visible.


Carpet has a number of decorative uses, and it can completely change how your room looks and feels. While it can be fairly easy to get overwhelmed by choices in carpet stores, do a little research to know exactly what you need so you can achieve what you want.

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