3 Basic Factors When Choosing an Area Rug for Your Bedroom

3 Basic Factors When Choosing an Area Rug for Your Bedroom

Rugs are some of the best and easiest ways to spruce up a room. Classy and stylish, these fabric implements can easily add and enhance the aesthetic finish of your home, especially if you know just how to flaunt your taste and style. Artful placement can also transition your living spaces for different functions.

One of the best areas to lay an area rug is in your bedroom. Perfect for shielding your feet and toes from the harsh coldness of the floor in the mornings, these can also flaunt your unique style and personality with some apt decision making with your rug. Even better, adding this to your sacred space can buffer noise and protect your flooring—making it a good investment for your home.

To help you in choosing the perfect rug, here are three basic factors to remember when choosing an area rug for your bedroom.

The Size

The most important consideration to make when choosing a rug would definitely be the size. This one factor will be the baseline of all your decisions, as this will immediately dictate what options you have for your room.

In order to give you a guide, the rule of thumb is to measure an area that spans at least two feet away from each side of your bed—this area gives you enough “foot room” to step on after getting up your bed. If you have a trunk, bench, or extra table at the foot of your bed, then feel free to add another foot in your measurements.

Should your floor area be too limited, then you can opt for runners to go on your sides instead. Aside from being cheaper, these are incredibly practical additions fo your room—so choose wisely with your chosen floor covers.

The Style

Once you have the size locked down, then the next consideration to make will be in regard to the style of your area rug. Since this will be placed in your bedroom, then you can be as liberal as you want with lavishness and comfort—after all, there’s considerably less foot traffic in your room, so there are very few factors that would contribute to wear and tear.

The deciding factor here would definitely be personal taste. Since it’s your bedroom you’ll be furnishing, then you should be proud and happy to see what you place in it. To guide you, however, then the rule of thumb is to take something more subdued for bigger rooms—this way, the rug won’t be the eye-catching factor in it. You can also use the designs of your bed frame as a basis for the general aesthetic of your room’s furnishings.

The Material

Choosing the right material touches more on practicality more than anything. More lavish rugs are more difficult to clean and maintain than more playing rough-spun ones. If you have a pet in your home, then you may want to avoid silk and viscose rugs. As comfortable as these are on your feet, these will easily fade and show strain if your pet regularly walks and plays with it. 


Adding an area rug to your bedroom is a great and affordable aesthetic improvement you can make. By knowing how to choose the rug, you can rest assured that you’re making a good purchase—one that brings out the beauty of your bedroom while keeping in line with your comfort and style.

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