Comparing Laminate Flooring with Solid Hardwood Flooring

Comparing Laminate Flooring with Solid Hardwood Flooring

There are so many components of the home that you need to contemplate on, but the flooring is one of the most significant parts that you should give a think about. After all, it’ll be something that every person who comes into the room would have contact with. You want to ensure that every step into your living room, bathroom or kitchen is safe and great for the person.

Carpeting can be a great option, but you might prefer to have a different kind of flooring, one that depicts wood a little better. Homeowners often have to choose between solid hardwood or laminated flooring for their home, which isn’t all too easy considering they have several points of difference. Here’s a comparison guide that can help you choose:

1. Appearance

The material of laminate flooring is different from hardwood flooring because the latter is more authentic than the former. Hardwood is typically milled and smoothed out, which translates into its appearance. It’s incredibly attractive to see and have as a part of your home.

Laminate flooring isn't entirely different, but it’s composed of wooden fiberboard, primarily. This is then topped with a design layer after manufacturing, with the layer mimicking the appearance of hardwood or any other flooring material.

2. Maintenance

Caring and cleaning your floor in the future will be an aspect that you need to think about when you get either hardwood or laminate flooring. However, there’s almost nothing to worry about since both are revered for how easy they are to maintain.

Using a vacuum cleaner or a broom would be enough to get any unnecessary dirt lingering on the floor. A damp mop can also be used for both, but just keep in mind that the kind of floor cleaner that you’re using, as hardwood requires wood cleaner.

3. Installation

Installation can be rather difficult for both, but hardwood flooring will especially give you a rougher time. Since the material has to be nailed or stapled down onto the flooring, alongside sanding and finishing, it can be a little more complicated.

Laminate flooring is certainly more forgiving, but only because there’s no need for any fastening methods that are tougher to do. However, it’s best to leave a professional to install the flooring that you end up choosing, just to ensure that your flooring is leveled and pristine in condition.

4. Water Resistance

Any wood material can be vulnerable to water damage in case of standing water, floods and the like. However, suppose you’re putting it in a general area that might be susceptible to any spillage or the like such as the kitchen; laminate flooring surfaces are a tad more water-resistant than hardwood flooring. Laminated surfaces can also stand stains better.

5. Heat Resistance

When it comes to heat resistance, laminated flooring might be more ideal to have instead of hardwood flooring. Hardwood is slightly more sensitive to heat, shrinking up and causing openings. Laminate can stand being installed to heating systems a little better without shrinking up much.


What flooring your home will have can come down to personal preference and what aspects are significant to you. If the look and appeal of your flooring matter, hardwood is your best choice. If certain features such as resistance to water and heat are a must, pick laminate flooring.

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