Choosing the Perfect Living Room Rug - 4 Tips to Remember

Choosing the Perfect Living Room Rug - 4 Tips to Remember

The right rug can really tie a room together. It’s an interior design accessory that can take a space from simply being finished to perfectly polished—and no room is more appropriate for this aesthetic than the living room.

A simple rug can lend an air of warmth and comfort to spaces that feel cold and look distant, such as homes with industrial or minimalist designs. Picking out a rug for your living space can make it look welcoming and balanced—but selecting the perfect one can be a little tricky. To help you out, here are four tips on how to choose the perfect living room rug:

 1. Pay attention to your flooring

If there’s anything the rug needs to match, it’s the floor. While choosing complementary colors is a given, deciding on the rug’s texture will also depend on the finishing of your floor.

For instance, thin rugs look better on thick carpets, whereas laminate floors are compatible with any rug texture. When considering color options, lighter cool-toned floorings work best with navy, white, and grey shades, while warmer-toned wood looks best with equally warm-hued rugs.

 2. Consider the size of the rug

A rug should look almost comfortable in whatever space it occupies; it should never look like it’s being swallowed by the room or dwarfed by the furniture.

A good rule of thumb when you’re torn between a bigger or smaller rug is to go with the former every single time. Bigger rugs make rooms appear more spacious than they actually are. A larger rug also offers the perfect backdrop for any furniture that will be placed on top of it.

Factoring the room’s contours is also key when choosing your rug and deciding on its placement. A longer rug, whether rectangular, oval, or asymmetrical, will suit a narrower living room space. Round or spread out shapes suit square rooms best.

 3. Select the rug once the living room is complete

The best time to incorporate your rug into the living room is after all the other furniture has been placed. Getting the rug last can make the room look more cohesive, particularly since you have already considered every element before choosing what ties everything together.

 4. Don’t be afraid of color—but watch out for black and white

Although it’s recommended to purchase a rug in a color that complements your flooring, sometimes going bold and trendy can give your living room a more modern and comfortable look.

Shades like mauve, teal, cerulean, pink, and yellow can add a nice pop of color to your space. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, go for a decorative area rug or a patterned rug to add a nice level of detail to your floor space. Be sure to choose the pattern well so that it does not look gaudy or clash with your furniture and floor.

Some colors to be careful with are stark blacks and pure whites. The latter tends to get dirty very easily, especially if the rug is in an area of the room that has heavy foot traffic. Black can look uninviting and almost like a gaping hole in your floor, so unless you’ve got black and white accents on your furniture, it might be good to stay away from such a dark shade.

The Bottom Line

While a living room is just as homey without a rug, there’s something about having one that makes it feel that much more complete. At the end of the day, there are no hard and fast rules on how to choose a rug; the kind of finishing touch you add to your living room space is entirely up to you. Whatever look you decide on, it will surely tie the room together just right.

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