Carpet Installation 101 - Comparing Different Types

Carpet Installation 101 - Comparing Different Types

One of the features to consider when designing or building your space is the type of flooring to use. A popular choice of flooring for homes and offices is carpet flooring.

Aside from looking stylish and luxurious, carpet flooring is a top choice because it helps improve your indoor climate, absorbs sound, and gives your home a safe and warm feeling. If you are interested in installing carpets in your space, note that there are different ways of installing them. Here are the different types of carpet installations, including their advantages and disadvantages:

Glue-down carpet installation: the best option for high-traffic areas

Suppose you are thinking of using carpet flooring in your commercial space. In that case, direct glue-down carpet installation, a popular choice for business owners, is for you. Because this type of installation requires glueing your carpet on the floor directly, you have to make sure that your floor is smooth. This is important because imperfections will be noticeable through the carpet, which may increase wear and tear.

One of the advantages of having a direct glue-down carpet installation is that there is minimal movement. This means that it can hold well even with a lot of foot traffic, which makes it ideal for ramps and busy areas in your space. Because it is incredibly durable, this type of installation is suitable for big spaces. 

However, there are a few disadvantages due to the lack of padding for this type of installation. The lack of pads can cause a bit of discomfort for people who walk on it, and it also has less insulation.

Double glue-down carpet installation: the best option for comfort in a commercial space

Double glue-down carpet installation or double-stick installation is similar to a direct glue-down installation. However, the main difference is that you glue pad on the floor before directly glueing your carpet.

Because you are adding a pad on the floor before directly glueing a carpet, it makes it more comfortable to walk on and also offers insulation. Another benefit of adding a pad is that it improves your carpet's durability.

Since you are adding another layer before installing the carpet, it is a bit more costly than a direct glue-down installation. Another disadvantage is that it may take a bit more time to fit because you are adding layers to your flooring.

Stretch-in carpet installation: the best option for your home

If you plan to have carpet flooring for your home, stretch-in carpet installation is a popular choice among homeowners. When you use this type of installation, contractors will add wood strips to the edges of your room to help stretch your carpet while your padding is installed in the middle of the area.

Because this type of installation requires an installer, it is a quicker and more efficient way to get the job done. Since a pad is also installed, it will give your home more comfort and insulation while increasing your carpet's lifespan.

Because it is more prone to buckling and ripping, stretch-in carpet installations are not ideal for vast spaces and heavy-traffic areas. This is why this type is more commonly used in home floorings and smaller areas.


Once you’ve decided to use carpet flooring for your property, determining the right type of installation comes next. With the help of contractors, designers, and a bit of research, you will be able to figure out the best option for your flooring and enjoy the new look of your space.

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