Carpet for Your Living Space - 5 Key Factors to Consider

Carpet for Your Living Space - 5 Key Factors to Consider

The living room is often the most used and abused area, as it serves as the social space in your home. It is that part of the house where the family members converge to watch TV, have some sort of entertainment, or even have a meal. This is why sprucing up its overall look and functionality is a necessity.

 When it comes to enhancing your living space, you should always start with your flooring selection. Choosing a carpet can be your best bet for a handful of reasons, such as its aesthetic appeal, slip-and-fall reduction, minimized noise, and warmth and comfort. However, you have to be a bit wary when trying to pick the right one.

 In this article, we will share five factors to consider when looking for a carpet for your living space:

 1. Fibre options

 When it comes to a carpet selection, consider the type of fibre material it is made of, as this will determine its aesthetics, durability, and longevity. There are a handful of fibre options readily available in today’s market, which include nylon (the most resilient), Triexta (superior anti-stain properties), polyester (stain-resistant), and Olefin (fading, staining, and mildew-resistant). Along with this is to consider the material’s softness, which depends on your family’s needs. Whether for board games or sleep-overs, choosing the softest option will make all the difference.

2. Durability

 Every household knows that the living room is a high traffic-space at home, next to the hallway and stairs. For this reason, you must invest in a carpet made of durable materials to ensure it will withstand the heavy traffic, won’t easily get prematurely damaged, and will last for as long as possible. The carpet’s durability is usually based on face weight, tuft twist, and density rating. As such, be sure to opt for 40-ounce face weight, a tuft twist of five or more, and a 2,000 or higher density rating.

3. Colour

 When it comes to the carpet colour, it will vary from one house to another. Of course, you must first assess your living room’s appearance and then think of a colour mixture that will complement each other and give the space a cohesive look. Whether neutral colours (beige and gray) or bold ones (red, yellow, or violet), be sure to choose a handful of colours that will enhance the appeal of your living room!

4. Carpet construction

 The carpet construction refers to how the fabric materials were woven or combined to develop the actual product. As far as the construction is concerned, you have to factor in two aspects—pile and style. You can opt for a plush (cut), looped (uncut one), and pattern for the pile. On the other hand, carpet style can be attributed to its smoothness, texture, twist, and shag.

5. Cleaning and upkeep

 As mentioned, the living room is one of the most used and abused rooms in the house. It’s easy to see accumulated dust, dirt, and other debris as well as inevitable spills and stains on it over time. For this reason, you have to go for a carpet with a “no exclusion” policy, particularly one with a lifetime stain warranty, so you’ll always be covered!


 At this point, you now know the five factors to consider when looking for a living room carpet—fibre options, durability, colour, carpet construction, and cleaning and upkeep. On top of this, you should also source it from a highly reliable supplier to ensure its overall look and quality. With all these in mind, you’ll be able to invest in and install carpet flooring that will kick your living space up a notch!

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