Carpet Care - How You Should Clean Your Rug

Carpet Care - How You Should Clean Your Rug

One of the most common reasons for adding bedroom rugs or living room rugs at home is the change in the look they bring. Rugs are home pieces that provide comfort, warmth, and protection besides their decorative function. Having this piece inside any room can help bring all the interior elements together.

If you are a rug owner, and you want to keep it in top condition, you need to learn how to take care of it properly. The steps below can help you make your quality rug look good and well-maintained for a long time.

Step 1: Take it outside and shake

Whether you have a small or large-sized rug, the first step you should do is bring it outside for a little shake. It is an effective way to remove a great portion of dust and debris that got caught up in your rug. This step will prepare your rug for thorough cleaning later.

Step 2: Run the vacuum

Now, it is time to vacuum your rug. It is ideal to regularly do this, around two or three times a week. Regular vacuuming helps keep your rug allergen-free, which is important to do, especially if you have pets at home. Dirt in rug fibres is also the main cause of decay. Regular vacuuming keeps the dust at bay and helps make your rugs last longer.

Step 3: Remove the stains

After cleaning, look for any sign of stains. As much as possible, treat stains in your rug as early as you can. Use a stain removal product that is made for your rug material. Clean the stain from inside and out, and do not forget to rinse it after. Repeat the blotting of the stain as necessary, but be careful not to scrub too much to preserve the quality of the rug fibres. 

Step 4: Wash and deep clean it

This step should be done at least once a year. The frequency depends on how much dirt you think your rug is accumulating over time. If your rug is always stepped on, or you have a pet at home, you might need to wash it more often.

Be mindful of the material of your rug. Rugs made from natural fibres can be cleaned using warm water with a gentle cleanser, while braided rugs and those woven ones can be washed inside the machine. Some are made from delicate materials, and they need to be hand-washed instead.

To make sure, read through the care and maintenance instructions of your rug.

Step 5: Dry it thoroughly  

Before putting it back to where it is placed, make sure it is dry on all sides. If you use it while there are still damp areas, it can only attract more bacteria, moulds, and mildew. It may also emit a foul smell. You can put your rug outside and dry it under the sun for better disinfection. Using a fan inside after squeezing out excess water can help dry it faster too.


Rugs are beautiful home displays that instantly improve your room’s look while adding a layer of protection on your floor. You can enjoy using your rugs for a long time if you will properly clean and care for them. Make sure to include them in your list whenever you are doing your general home cleaning.

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