Before You Buy Staircase Carpets - 3 Things You Should Know

Before You Buy Staircase Carpets - 3 Things You Should Know

Carpeting can add a level of luxury to your home besides providing some much-needed babyproofing of hard surfaces. Although they’re easy to install on flooring, you may find it more difficult to install on stairs on a per-square footage basis. For this reason, homeowners should consider several factors before they can decide that staircase carpets are for them.


Weighing the pros and cons of staircase carpets

When you’re considering a particular material or extension to your home, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons of what it can do to your living situation. Three of the most common factors you must consider are cost, durability, and maintenance. You’ll generally get a better idea of whether what you’re planning to install will fit your house’s needs from a functional and aesthetic perspective.

Before you consider installing staircase carpets, here are three things you need to know:

1.Specific staircases will benefit from carpeting

Standard builder-grade stairs are simple and easy to install with carpeting. Since these types of staircases don’t usually receive complex painting treatments, carpets can give it some much-needed aesthetic appeal. Besides providing a better look, it can also muffle the noise of creaking or noisy stairs, especially if it doesn’t have a particularly durable material composition.

Carpets work well with simple designs, and you may have trouble integrating them on more adventurous designs like spiral staircases. Additionally, adding carpets on the hardwood will be a waste since you’ll need to break through the wood to secure the carpet.

2.Carpets are both dangerous and safe

Carpeted stairs are usually responsible for stair-falls for various reasons. For one, it alters depth perception due to a uniform or patterned design. This causes unclear stair edges, causing the stair treads to merge visually. Another way it can act as a safety hazard is that it causes shorter tread depth. Since carpet installations reduce the stair’s tread depth, you’ll have less footing to step on per step. It generally won’t be an issue unless you have long feet or wear shoes indoors.

Although the factors above make carpets seem like a dangerous option, it’s properties also make it a safe solution for itself. For example, even if it has a higher risk of causing people to fall, its soft texture ensures a soft fall. Unlike hardwood that can cause severe damages, the padded edges prevent you from receiving hard blunt impact.

3.Cleaning carpets will be a major investment

The soft and comfy texture of carpets doesn’t come without a price. You’ll need to use a handheld vacuum to ensure that you can get rid of pesky dust and dirt that can hide in between its carpet fibres. You also need to be mindful about spilling food and beverages on it. This is why most homeowners don’t connect carpeted stairs next to wet and dirty areas like kitchens and laundry rooms.

If you want to maintain your carpet’s look, it’s best to give them a deep clean twice a year. Be mindful about washing it in one go since it will take longer the more steps you have. You can do the washing in batches so that you won’t overwork your washing machine in a single day.



There aren’t that many situations why you shouldn’t have carpeted stairs if you have active children in your home. However, you should consider its safety advantages and disadvantages carefully, especially if you have elderly residents. Don’t forget to hire professional carpet installers to ensure that you’ll receive a precise and accurate fit with your home’s staircase.

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