A Step-by-Step Guide to Laying an Area Rug Over a Carpet

A Step-by-Step Guide to Laying an Area Rug Over a Carpet

If you're looking for ways to bring some fresh style into your home, layering an area rug over your existing carpet can be a great way to do just that. With just a few simple steps and the right tools, you can easily create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any room. Here's a short and straightforward guide to help lay an area rug over your carpet in no time.


Step 1: Measure the Room and the Carpet

Measuring the room and the existing carpet is the first and most important step. This will help you determine the size of the rug you need to purchase and the type of rug pad you will need. Additionally, you can use the measurements to decide where the rug should be placed in the room. Accurate measurements are essential to achieving the desired result.


Step 2: Choose the Right Rug for the Room

Consider the room's size, the carpet's colour, the furniture, and the space's overall style. The best option is to choose a rug that matches the current décor and has a size that is appropriate for the room. It is also important to select a rug that is made of a durable material and is easy to clean. These factors will help ensure that the area rug is a perfect fit for the room.


Step 3: Prepare the Room and Carpet

Tidy up the room and remove any dirt and dust from the area. Once the area is clean, use a vacuum cleaner to ensure the carpet is free of dirt and debris. After the carpet is dry, it's time to prepare the surface for the rug. Use carpet tape to secure the rug and ensure it will not move around while in use. This will ensure that the rug is firmly in place and will not shift or move.


Step 4: Install the Area Rug

This step is relatively straightforward and can be done by simply placing the rug in the desired location and smoothing it out. Ensure that the rug does not overlap any furniture or other items in the room. In addition, use adhesive tape or other securing methods to keep the rug firmly attached to the floor so it won't slip or bunch up.


Step 5: Secure the Rug in Place

Once you have laid out the rug and checked everything looks good, it is time to secure it. To do this, you can use double-sided carpet tape or tacks to secure the rug to the carpet underneath. Ensure the tape or tacks are firmly attached and do not move around. Also, check the edges of the rug to make sure they are securely attached to the carpet to prevent tripping hazards.


Step 6: Enjoy Your New Room Décor

After all the hard work of selecting and purchasing the rug, measuring and cutting, and installing it, you can now sit back and admire the newest addition to your space. The rug is sure to add a unique touch to the room and provide a warm and inviting environment to anyone who’s in it. Take the time to enjoy your new décor and all the effort that went into it.


In Summary

Laying out and installing a new rug can be a big job, but it can be accomplished quickly with the right steps. Start by selecting the right rug for your space and measuring and cutting it to fit. Then, lay it out in the room and make sure everything looks how you want it to. Finally, secure it in place with double-sided carpet tape or tacks. 

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