5 Tips on Finding the Perfect Rug for Your Living Space

5 Tips on Finding the Perfect Rug for Your Living Space

Many people often overlook the essence of a rug or don’t spare it a glance when it’s just something to step on. But when it comes to interior design, decorative area rugs tie in the whole structure and create a subtle balance in the space. Imagine a cozy hotel lobby with nothing but the bareness of grey hardwood floors. It would simply feel that something is missing: a rug.

Now, there are many things to consider when looking for the right rug for your space, and in this article, we’ll be giving you tips on finding a suitable area rug.

1. Know the Standard Rug Sizes

The first hurdle that many may encounter when going rug shopping is knowing the correct size. Sometimes the rug you buy is too big or small for your space. Maybe you're not sure where to start with proportions. Carpet stores often offer designs with standard sizes ranging from 3 x 5 feet to 9 x 12 feet.

Proportions matter and many would have the chance to find a good rug by settling for the standard size. But if you’re opting to have a custom rug made, then you can worry less about getting the wrong rug size.

2. Measure Everything

Naturally, if you’re dealing with sizes and proportions, it’s pretty much common sense to measure everything. Whip out a measuring tape, measure different rug sizes when you go to carpet stores and measure your space along with everything. 

But if you’re still having difficulty visualizing the size, a good tip is to put markings on your floor with tape. It will help you in making more accurate decisions.

3. Consider Furniture Placement

Now you have the standard sizes or custom sizes you want for your rug. The next step is determining the right size and placement of your area rug.

Many would think rug sizes rely on the room’s overall floor measurements, but finding the appropriate size and placement actually has a lot to do with the furniture placement of your space.

The goal is always to make your space look bigger, and you can achieve this by adding a rug in the correct place that compliments the size of the furniture.

4. Think About Minimal Furniture Spaces

If furniture placement will determine the size of your rug, then what about the areas that lack furniture, like hallways and foyers? This is where the space’s measurements matter. When there’s nothing but the laminate wood flooring, placing a rug at the center will become your furniture.

When finding the right rug proportions based on floor measurements, a common rule is to make your space look bigger. It’s to show a lot more of the flooring for larger areas and less for smaller ones.

5. Find the Balance

Finding the right texture and design for your rug is as important as looking for the correct size. When it comes to your rug’s design and colour, the goal is to create balance in your space. 

If your room has a minimalist interior with muted colours, maybe a geometric patterned rug with complimenting tones will balance the look and feel. Search for sample designs and use interior design apps to see if it works.

Final Thoughts

In the end, rug sizes, complementing rug designs and texture, and optimal placements only serve as suggestions. You can choose to stick to them or follow your own design process. Ultimately, you will know what will work best with your space because what matters the most is the satisfaction that your room will give you!

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