4 Ways to Keep Your Carpet Clean When You-re on Vacation

4 Ways to Keep Your Carpet Clean When You-re on Vacation

Carpets are a comfortable addition that can elevate the flooring in residential and commercial properties. It’s a feature that can pack as much panache as it is practical, making it a perennial favourite amongst homeowners due to its unprecedented comfort, style, and simple maintenance.

While caring for your carpets don’t require as much back-breaking effort as other flooring products, keeping it clean is crucial if you want it to look good as new despite taking heavy foot traffic daily. But how can you ensure it remains in good shape if you have vacation plans ready for the holidays?

Before you fly off to your weekend getaway, it’s worth noting some essential tips to ensure the condition of your carpet doesn’t deteriorate while you’re spending the festive season away. Here are some carpet cleaning tips to consider:

Tip #1: Sprinkle Baking Soda on the Carpet Before You Vacuum

Sucking away the dust particles will only make the surface cleaner, but it won’t do anything to get rid of the smell. Sweat and other elements can give it an unpleasant odour, so adding some baking soda is a simple yet highly effective way to ensure it smells as fresh as it looks. Let it sit on the carpet for an hour before you vacuum it.

Tip #2: Vacuum the Carpet Regularly

There’s no way around it, but the best way to ensure the carpet maintains its mint condition is to vacuum it regularly. Dirt and other accumulated debris not only makes the surface look dull but can also compromise the air quality indoors. Vacuuming it daily should keep all the dander at bay and keep it allergen-free, especially if you have pets in your household.

Tip #3: Deep Clean the Carpet Using a Carpet Steamer

Vacuuming only removes the dust bunnies on the surface, but it can quickly build up while you’re away on vacation. If you want to keep every nook and cranny clean, steam cleaning is the best way to freshen it up beyond surface level.

This removes all the bacteria, fungi, and dust mites settled underneath the carpet, eliminating the hard-to-remove particles. Even after a week-long vacation, you can come home to a clean, stain-free, and allergen-free carpet.

Tip #4: Give it the Ultimate Treatment by Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners

The holiday rush can eat up most of your time and put you in a bind, so a busy schedule will likely leave little-to-no room for some carpet cleaning. In that case, you can pass on the dirty work to expert carpet cleaners as they can get the job done, ensuring even the dirtiest of carpets look, feel, and smells fresh.

The Bottom Line: Come Home to a Clean and Fresh Carpet After Your Fun-Filled Holiday Trip

Planning for a holiday vacation can make anyone excited for all the festivities to come, but leaving your carpet in a dust condition can make your homecoming feel stressful. Be sure it’s fresh and ready for the upcoming parties after your trip by keeping the carpet clean before you fly off to your dream destination!


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