4 Reasons Your Carpet Has Ripples - What to Know

A carpet is a great addition to any space, especially in the appeal that it offers. However, if you recently tripped over it, and it’s not because of its position but of the ripples in it, you might be wondering what caused them. These ripples or buckles are usually unpleasant to look at and can negatively affect the room’s aesthetic. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence as they typically appear after a year it was initially installed. 


To solve the issue, the first step is to identify its cause. Here are four possible reasons your carpet has ripples on it:



Improper Cleaning Techniques

There’s a reason it’s usually highly recommended that you hire professionals to clean your rug. It’s because professional cleaning is far better than doing it by yourself. High moisture cleaning methods pose a risk of over wetting the carpet, and this is a common mistake DIY-ers make. 


Another reason is the incorrect use of cleaning material. Some rugs are delicate and need to be dry cleaned instead of steamed. If you haven’t done any carpet cleaning before, you may be unaware of this, which may result in faulty cleaning that will cause ripples or buckles to appear. 



High Levels Of Humidity

When there’s too much moisture in the air, it can affect the structure of the carpet. Humidity can make rugs swell and overstretch, which eventually leads to ripples. Additionally, fluctuations in the humidity level, which are common in areas that experience four seasons, may also cause temporary buckling during the cold, rainy seasons. When this happens, there’s a possibility that the carpet will repair itself when the moisture in the air drops, yet this doesn’t happen at times. 



Wet Floor Or Flooding

Whether due to flooding or a plumbing issue, having a wet floor can cause ripples to the carpet when it’s not dried out properly. In this case, it’s essential to dry out the carper thoroughly; and you can use a high-quality dehumidifier to do just that. 



Installation Problems

Mistakes during the installation can cause the carpet to buckle or have ripples. For one, if the wrong type of underlay was used, it will result in buckling. This is because the rug doesn’t have appropriate support underneath to keep it in place when in use. 


Another issue may be due to poor workmanship, which is why carpet installation requires the right tools and expertise. If it’s a DIY job or you had it installed by an individual without the right credentials, it may result in an overly flexible or loose rug that causes ripples. Only an expert–– such as those at Global Carpets and Hardwood Ltd.––knows how to tightly stretch the carpet during installation and secure it in place. 


Improper acclimatization is another issue that may happen. This is when the carpet hasn’t been given enough time to acclimate before the fitting task. Temperatures have a significant effect on performance, which is why it’s vital to leave a new rug to get accustomed for a few hours to the temperature before the installation process. 



Carpet care is a bit tricky, which is why it requires professional care to prevent ripples and buckles. These can cause the carpets to look unpleasant, and they can also be a safety hazard, especially if it’s placed in an area with high foot traffic. As much as possible, make sure that your rugs are installed by professionals so that they will do justice to your purchase and contribute to your flooring project.


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