Tips on How You Can Lay an Area Rug Over Your Carpet

Tips on How You Can Lay an Area Rug Over Your Carpet

Some people may want to lay an area rug over a broad room, especially those wanting to hide a worn or soiled spot in the carpet to add style to a rented place. People can have their preferences, and they can make your house look unique and fashionable. Here are a few tips to help you lay your rug properly.

1. Place Heavy Furniture on Top

Some heavy furniture placed on top of an area rug can hold it in its place. If possible, place some sofas or chairs on the edge of the rug to prevent it from moving. A good technique is to put furniture on all four sides of a rug to keep it balanced ad prevent it from moving.

However, if the furniture is heavy enough, then two placed on opposite sides are enough to keep it in its place.

Here are some examples of furniture for your rugs:

  • Sofa/Couch
  • Coffee Table
  • Living Room Table
  • Chairs
  • Huge Vases


2. Prevent it from Rippling

When laying an area rug over a broadloom, it will tend to move around the carpet, which wouldn’t be pleasing for your home. Regardless of any factors, a rug will shift unless it is properly placed.

Wrinkling or Rippling is not only unpleasant to the eyes, but it is also hazardous. It might trip people walking on it. To prevent ripples, you must:

  • Control humidity in the room.
  • Ensure suitable padding to fit carpets perfectly.
  • Resort to a professional carpet cleaning service to avoid over-wetting rugs
  • not drag heavy objects across the carpet.
  • Re-stretch your carpet from time to time.


3. Use Non-Slip Pads

There are non-slip pads designed for area rugs, and that includes the rug over broadloom. They are generally called “carpet-to-carpet” pads. These pads are specially designed to keep an area rug from moving and rippling over the carpet. These pads can also prevent damage under the carpet since the continuous moving of the rug over the carpet could cause wearing or blooming of carpet fibers underneath.

There is a wide range of pad qualities available for your rug. Carpet-to-carpet pads are very effective since they can vary depending on many factors, such as carpet style, rug, backing, fiber type, and more. It can all depend on one’s preferences and needs.

Here are some examples and types of best rug pad materials:

  • Natural Rubber Pads. It is ideal for preventing area rugs from sliding on hard-surface floors. They hold the rug in place while providing a good barrier between rug and floor.
  • Felt Pads. They are not always great in holding area rugs in place, so they are a good option for larger rugs that are anchored well by furniture. They can still provide firm support for the area rag, which is still essential.
  • Natural Fiber and Felt Pads Combination. This is a good option that combines the benefits of a non-slip rubber pad with a supportive felt pad. They are great for keeping the rug in its place.



Keeping your rugs in their perfect place is important to make them look neat, prevent unwanted accidents, and lengthen the rug’s life. There are many ways you can do to keep your area rug over your carpet while still making it look pleasant to the eyes.

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