The Three Most Common Carpet Finishings to Choose From

The Three Most Common Carpet Finishings to Choose From

Everyone needs a carpet in their life! The floor may not be the first thing you notice when you enter a room, but it definitely has a significant impact on the overall appearance and comfort of the area.

Having the right home carpet can transform your space effortlessly. You will immediately see a change in ambiance and aesthetic once you add this piece to your place!

Why You Need to Get a Carpet

The carpet is more than just for decor—unlike other pieces of furniture in your home, the rug is versatile and has multiple uses. No matter what kind of interior design trends may arise in the future, the carpet will remain an essential part of your house, even decades from now!

Some of the benefits of having a carpet include:


You can do a lot with the carpet! A decorative area rug can brighten a dark room, change your flooring style, and use it as a basis of an area’s colour scheme. Simply adding carpets to certain areas can further enhance your decor and make your space seem bigger than it actually is.


Curling up on your bathroom floor to relax after a long day won’t be as comfortable if it didn’t have a beautiful bedroom carpet over it. Rugs give a nice layer of cushion and softness to step—and even sit—on as soon as you wake up or when you’re winding down.


It can be uncomfortable to run barefoot during the colder months, as your floor feels much cooler than usual. If you want to avoid wearing socks at home but want to keep warm, then a home carpet is the perfect solution! Laying a rug will instantly increase the warmth of a room by insulating the floors.

Choosing a Carpet Finishing

When looking at the design of your carpet, you should consider its edges. The finishing of your carpet edges not only affects the entire look of your rug, but it also has an impact on its lifespan, as it helps prevent fraying.

Some of the most popular choices for carpet finishing are:


Binding is the easiest and least expensive method of carpet finishing, as it only involves wrapping a fabric strip around the carpet’s edge and stitching it into place. There are many colours to choose from, so you can easily match any carpet without making the edges stand out.


Serging the edges of your home carpet produces a hand-sewn look, despite being made by a machine. Also referred to as overlock stitching, serging is a more expensive carpet finishing that uses a special machine. Compared to simple binding, a serged edge creates a higher-end look but has fewer serging colours.


Fringing is considered a common and the most expensive finishing treatment for decorative area rugs. This method is necessary for hand-knotted rugs, as it is the edge of the “backbone” fibres. On the other hand, fringing is only for appearances on machine-made carpets because it serves no practical purpose.


The carpet is one of the most important home decors that complete your room’s look. As such, you should take your time in choosing the right style, design, and finishing. Explore your options and look for high-quality carpets in the right stores. Once you find the right rug for your room, you’re sure to have a much happier and more relaxing time at home!

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