How to Pick the Right Carpet for Your Child’s Bedroom

How to Pick the Right Carpet for Your Child’s Bedroom

Becoming a parent is great; you spend your time taking care of your baby and watching them grow before your very eyes. Part of your responsibility as a mother or father is to ensure your child is safe at all times, especially when you can’t always watch over them.

When designing and decorating your nursery, it’s crucial to cover the floor with bedroom rugs to prevent accidents as much as possible. During your child’s crawling stage, a carpet can serve to protect their knees and hands and prevent them from getting scrapes and bruises.

Using carpets also helps to regulate the indoor air quality because they can keep airborne dust and other allergens at bay—so it’s perfect for allowing your child to breathe easier. If you’re wondering what kind of carpet you should purchase to complete your baby’s nursery, keep reading below to find out the factors you should look into when getting a rug.

Get a Carpet Based on Its Softness

A home carpet is significantly softer compared to other types of floor covering solutions. Although rugs are generally soft, you will need the most delicate kind of carpet since you’re using them for a nursery.

It’s only recently that carpets made from softer fibers became popular in the market, and all the parents wanted to get with the trend and buy one for their child’s bedrooms. The good thing is that they come in all designs and sizes, so you have plenty of options to choose from, and you’re bound to find a beautiful carpet for your child’s bedroom.

Opt for a Carpet With Low VOCs

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are chemicals that come from plenty of home building materials. They become released into the air as a form of gas and end up causing a negative impact on the oxygen you breathe. As such, it has the potential to affect you and your child’s health!

The best way to prevent high exposure to toxic gases is to purchase a bedroom area rug with the least amount of VOCs, such as those made from natural materials instead of synthetic fibers. Before you decide to bring home your baby, you should work to get your chosen carpet flooring fixed in place and air it out by keeping the bedroom door shut and the windows open.

Purchase a Stain-Resistant Carpet

Becoming a parent is an adventure because you can expect to experience all kinds of moments with your baby, including messy encounters with baby bottles, diapers, and more. If you aren’t careful, one way or another, you’re going to encounter stains and spills on your precious carpet.

It will help to get a carpet that offers high stain resistance properties for your baby’s nursery to avoid finding yourself cleaning up after your child each time they make a mess.


When you browse through carpet stores searching for the perfect bedroom carpet, you should consider its softness, level of VOCs, and stain-resistant quality. A rug is an investment worth considering, so it’s best to pick one of high-quality because you know it will last for a long time. On the other hand, when it comes to the carpet’s style, shape, and size, you can think about your personal preference and what you believe will match the nursery’s interior design best.

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