Every Piece Fits: Adding an Area Rug to Your Dining Space

Every Piece Fits: Adding an Area Rug to Your Dining Space

Every piece fits. Every little thing in your dining area is perfectly set—the fixtures are all beautiful, the overall aesthetic of the space is lovely, and a little overhead interest complements the theme. But then you see a decorative area rug in your neighbour’s dining space, one that is a terrific accent to the room’s layout, so now you’re thinking of adding one to yours, too.

Why Add a Rug to Your Dining Space?

Adding a rug to your dining space isn’t just to follow a trend; there are many reasons for doing so! For one, it provides comfort to your bare feet when you dine. For another, it can conceal flooring that may have worn over time.

Having a rug in the dining area adds a cozy feel. This is not just for aesthetics, as it also protects your floor from scuff caused by dragging chairs from one spot to another. A new rug makes any space much more interesting. But will just any rug work? Certainly not!

A rug that is both stylish and practical can be difficult to find. Fluffy rugs can be a nightmare when crumbs fall from the table, while small rugs can interfere with your chairs. It’s best to have a carpet that can bring texture, colour, practicality, warmth, and style to your dining area.

Okay, so how do you look for that? Read on for some guidelines that will help you choose an excellent rug and then figure out where to put it:

Choose the Right Size

The primary purpose of a rug is to provide the dining table and chairs with a soft platform. So your first consideration when choosing a rug is its size. It should be broad and long enough to cover the area of the chairs’ back legs when pulled away from the table. The idea here is to prevent the chair from wobbling, which can be dangerous, especially for kids.

Also, when you set up a table extension during big gatherings, the extension area should still be covered by the rug. It is best to measure the floor size to ensure that the rug will fit in a way that will show equal portions of the floor seen on each side.

Choose the Right Shape

Do not just copy Pinterest-lifted photos of dining spaces with rugs. The best shape for your dining area is a rug that mirrors the shape of your dining table so that it can serve as a beautiful frame.

Round rugs are suitable for round tables, while rectangular rugs are for rectangular tables. The shape of your rug should complement the shape of your table to achieve a certain effect and make the area look expansive or highlight the table.

Find the Right Spot

The best spot to add an area rug is usually the center of the room. This is to create a wide clearance between the rug and each wall. This is the best choice if your dining room is particularly close to your kitchen. The rug effectively separates the dining space from the rest of the house.

You should also consider off-centring the dining table to strike a balance if your dining area opens to the living room. Rearrange the furniture accordingly to promote the flow between the two areas.


If you want to add a rug to your dining area, pick one that best suits the size and shape of your dining table. Place it at the right spot and make every piece fit. This addition to your dining room will make every evening with your family more fun and bright!

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