Deciding between hardwood and laminate floors

Deciding between hardwood and laminate floors

Deciding the right kind of floor is one of the biggest decisions you will need to make when setting up your home. It is a huge investment and is also the toughest as it is something you’ll live with for many years, if not forever. It is the foundation of your designs because it not only has to work with your style but be functional for your lifestyle and needs. Opt for a floor which not only aesthetically beautiful and trendy but also durable and affordable. Before you go too far into your house renovation, it is a good idea to first get done with the floors. If your floors are too slippery, or uneven, it’s a safety hazard and it needs to go.

Now when it comes to choosing new floors, there are lots of options to consider. So let’s get started with the decision-making process of choosing the right floor for your house and what will work best for you. With a major decision like flooring, we recommend seeing the actual material in person first because things can look a lot different in photos online.

In a perfect world, we don’t think you can really beat the look of hardwood. It’s so classic and inviting that it can warm up any space and will go with any decorating style. But also the best has its negatives. If you live in a damp climate, real hardwood is never a viable option. They buckle and warp in humidity and is advised to avoid them altogether. However, in drier climates, they are the best choice but they usually require some maintenance. There are alternatives out there that give real wood a run for its money. An alternative to real wood is engineered hardwood which is a thin layer of real wood on top of a composite. They eliminate most issues associated with real wood and they look just as beautiful and classic like the real wood. This makes it a great option for many homeowners who want higher quality flooring with a wider range of styles and prices.


Laminates are a good choice for most homeowners. It is made up of composite wood with an image of real wood printed on top. Laminate is a better choice for a number of reasons which include price, durability and style. Once you have decided on the laminate design, it is best to look at the paint colours in the room which helps you to see the different undertones and helps you match the option of colours with the laminate. Different rooms may have different colours and styles, so it is best to choose a neutral floor in that case. These floors look and feel so much like real wood and some even have the wood grain texture.


Laminate and Hardwood - both have their own look, feel and advantages. In the end, it’s most important to go for the floor that makes you feel like home, a floor that represents you.