Carpet vs. Hardwood Flooring: Which Should You Choose?

Carpet vs. Hardwood Flooring: Which Should You Choose?

Carpet and hardwood: two common flooring materials, yet they are opposites. They each have their fair share of pros and cons, but if you were to choose between the two, which would be the better option?

Read on for a comprehensive comparison guide on carpet vs. hardwood. Make sure to read the whole article to find out the final verdict!

Carpet vs. Hardwood: Which One Is the Best for Water and Heat Resistance?

Modern technology used in creating a carpet involves closely threading the spaced loops of synthetic fibres into a large sheet. Variations of carpeting come with natural fibre materials such as cotton or wool, but a typical carpet for sale is a roll made of nylon or polyester.

On the other hand, modern hardwood is processed through solid wood milled from rough lumber taken from hardwood trees. The process that follows smooths out the surface of the wood while leaving slight roughness on the bottom of the flooring. As for the edges, they are fitted together to allow space for interlocking.

  • Best Option for Water and Heat Resistance: Tie

Neither of the two flooring materials is ideal for water and heat resistance. If you’re planning to use carpet in your bathroom, it will hold on to moisture and encourage mould growth. On the other hand, hardwood doesn’t do well with water, either. Furthermore, both carpet and hardwood flooring can easily be burnt.

Carpet vs. Hardwood: Which Is Easier to Install?

Installing flooring can be a complicated process. With carpets, you’ll need to attach the underlayer with nails or tack strips to keep it in place. From there, you can roll out the carpet over the floor and attach hooks onto the tack strips. If the size doesn’t match your floor area, you can trim a few inches of the carpet’s fabric.

As for installing hardwood flooring, it involves setting the boards one at a time. The complexity of the installation process is the reason why it is often left to professionals.

  • Best Option for Ease of Installation: Carpet

While both installation processes aren’t entirely hassle-free, hardwood floors are much more difficult to set up. Not to mention that hardwood flooring’s price is also higher.

Carpet vs. Hardwood: Which One Is Easier to Clean & Maintain?

In terms of taking care of your floor, the difference between carpet and hardwood is notable. Carpet involves a tedious cleaning process, often with the use of a vacuum. Not to mention that carpets can easily absorb stains, and bacteria can quickly get trapped in the fibres.

Compared to carpet, hardwood flooring is easier to clean and maintain.

  • Best Option for Ease of Cleaning: Hardwood  

This is an obvious win for the hardwood floors, as stains are usually easy to remove, and there is no room to trap micro bacteria, pollen, and dust.

Carpet vs. Hardwood: Which One Lasts Longer?

Regardless of your flooring material, you need to conduct routine maintenance, including vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping the floor. One great way to save effort and time is to hire a professional cleaning company to do the work for you.

Carpets can usually last about a decade, while hardwood floors can last several decades if maintained well. This is also because wood can be sanded, providing the surface with a varnished, fresh look.

  • Best Option for Durability: Hardwood

 Because of its sustainable materials, hardwood easily wins as the better option if durability is your dealbreaker.

Carpet vs. Hardwood: Which Provides More Comfort?

If you’re looking for comfort, then there are many beautiful carpets for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, any space in your house, really, that equate to coziness. With its soft fabric, it is the best option for those looking for warm and comfortable floors.

However, hardwood lives up to its name for being hard, which can be uncomfortable to lie on, plus hardwood creaks loudly.

  • Best Option for Comfort: Carpet 

Carpet is the better option for those who are looking into getting comfortable floorings.

The Verdict

The better option is always the one that suits your needs and wants. If you’re looking for something sturdy and easy to clean, then go for hardwood flooring. But if comfort and ease of installation are your primary concerns, then carpets are your best bet.

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