4 Things to Do If You Picked the Wrong Carpets

4 Things to Do If You Picked the Wrong Carpets

When buying anything for your home, you want to make sure your first purchase is the right one. This ensures that you do not have to return whatever you bought, wasting time, effort, and money.

The same can be said about carpets. You want to make sure you pick the right carpets for your house. Unfortunately, such an endeavor can be quite challenging. There are hundreds of carpets to choose from, each with a different color, design, and feel. 

Whatever the reason you inadvertently picked the wrong carpet for your home, do not panic. It certainly is unfortunate that this is the case, but there are things you can do if you picked the wrong carpets!

1. Identify the stage of the process

The first thing you must do in these unfortunate circumstances is to be as calm as possible. Panicking is not going to help you, and it will certainly not get your carpet replaced.

Once you have calmed down, the first task is to identify at which stage the carpet is. Has it been ordered? Have the installers arrived to install it? Has it already been installed? Depending on the stage, you will need different actions to replace the carpet, as discussed in this article.

2. Ask to see the carpet at the retailer's store

If the carpet has not yet arrived at your home or is still being ordered by the retailer, call up your retailer to see if you can have a look at it. A good retailer will be more than happy to oblige if this means that you are a satisfied customer.

Once you do arrive at the store, have them roll out the carpet. Scrutinize it. If you have any concerns, now is the time to share them. Now is the best and easiest time to have them replaced since the carpets are still new.

3. Halt the installation as early as possible

All is not lost yet, even if the carpet installers have already arrived at your home. Note that you will want to be there when they do come so that you can keep an eye on the carpet.

Once you meet the installers, ask them to roll out the carpet in the room it is to be installed in. This way, you can see if it is the right or needs changing. If you do not like it, tell the installers to stop what they are doing and call the salesperson to see what can be done to have it replaced.

4.Use your customer satisfaction warranty

Not all carpets will come with a customer satisfaction warranty, but many manufacturers provide it. Unlike other warranties where a defect must exist to have the carpet replaced, a customer satisfaction warranty does not require the carpet to be damaged. All that matters is what you feel about it.

Typically, a customer satisfaction warranty will last around one to two months. If you are unhappy with the carpet, you can have the cost of the carpet covered. However, manufacturers might not cover installation costs and such, meaning you will need to cover such costs. However, if you deem it worth the extra cost to replace the carpet for your peace of mind, then do so.


There are a few other things you can do to have your carpets replaced. For instance, you can talk to your retailer about what can be done to replace it. No matter the stage, they will have something to say about it, and if they are good retailers, they will do their best to find a solution that makes everyone happy. Of course, you are always free to look elsewhere, such as friends and family, asking them if they want new carpets and the like. Regardless, we always recommend working with reliable retailers. This is the best guarantee for happy carpet purchases.

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